Thursday, February 28, 2013


As I write this, my heart is heavy. Yet I am able to see humour in the events, nonetheless.

They say bad things come in threes - well, I was raised to believe that they do and to arrest the arrival of the imminent, one broke a pencil, toothpick, stick. So ingrained is it in my psyche, that I believe it still to this day.

First to happen was my lovely Tiger Lily died.
A little cat I started out fostering, became a much loved part of my household. Not only did she bless me with her constant demands for attention, but she brought a new, and very much cherished friend into my life. One I know, even though the oceans may separate us, will remain forever friends. Sleeping most nights on my feet or chest, Lily was ever comforting.

Next came a wee accident to my car.
I was backing out of my gate, as I have for the last 20 years, sometimes executed up to six times a day, and went smack into a blue delivery van. I had stopped for one van, only to hit the next. Clearly my fault, even though the driver must have been daydreaming and speeding up to run the gantry behind the first vehicle. I count my blessings, however, that the damage is minimal and that it has taken this long to happen.

Now after this, I thought that I should break a toothpick.
But then I remembered that a second incident had actually happened between these two; the airconditioning unit in one of the bedrooms sprung a leak. So I relaxed and sent the superstitious thoughts away, leaving the toothpick in the box.

How foolhardy!
For this morning, the third thing happened.
A painting fell off the wall, slid all the way down the stairs leaving shards on several steps, and crashed into and smashed a tall flower vase before coming to rest.

I was clearly disillusioned. The aircon leak was not a bad thing - but just part of one's daily household maintenance issues.

I will trust my instincts now - and break the toothpick!

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